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*There are no minimums, no volume requirements and no hidden costs. Save 86% to 88% depending on your location on shipping rates and get discounted services for the small to medium sized companies, groups and associations no matter what type or size of company or organization you are… Starting even on the very first day!

Rob Cookson
From: Rob Cookson
Howard, Kansas
Subject: Are You Kidding Me? I Can Save How Much Shipping my Freight?

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of the high cost of freight shipping? Isn’t it time you finally learn how to save 86% to 88% on your freight costs? Are you fed up with all the little fees you have to pay? There has never been a better time than right now to finally get the same preferred discounts as large freight shipping companies.

You want to get discount freight shipping rates just like the big shippers, don’t you?

You need an agent to represent you just like a professional baseball or professional football player needs an agent to represent him in negotiations with his contract with the owners of the team.

Associated Shippers will submit your company for attachment to our National Pricing Contract and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Show Me The Money

Associated Shippers has negotiated some excellent cheap freight shipping rates (86% to 88%) and discounted services for the small to medium size companies, no matter what type or size of company you are. There are no minimums, no volume requirements, and no hidden costs

By joining Associated Shippers, (Free Membership) you allow me to act as your agent to set up an account for you with the association’s carrier.

You will receive your own account with a national freight shipping company, but under our National Discount Contract.

In fact, you can even get your freight shipping quotes online, book shipments online, and track online.

How And Why You Get
The Same Discounts As The Large Shippers

Let me tell you a quick story on how I know about the pain you’re going through now by paying all those higher freight shipping rates.

You see – I’ve had the same pain! I have been in the freight shipping business for over 25 years. I started by opening several packaging and shipping companies. I set up my own freight accounts to handle the shipping needs for individuals that needed to ship larger items and could not afford to pay carriers’ direct rates.

I did not have enough volume to get any decent discounts with any major carrier. So I had to became a freight broker, a logistics company, and consolidated a couple hundred packaging and shipping stores to get better rates for all of us. In the freight brokerage world, you need a lot of freight to get discounts, but you also need deep discounts to get a lot of freight. It’s a catch 22.

The problem that freight brokers also have, like any business, is overhead. It took all my time just managing all the freight shipments. So I had to add profit to each shipment to pay the office overhead and myself. This made the freight higher for all the others stores that were working with me. This was not good for anyone.

So, in 1998, I came up with this idea. Instead of booking each store’s shipment and adding profit to each shipment, I set each store up directly with the carrier and Associated Shippers was born!

By this time I had enough freight to get the LTL carrier to pay attention by offering the members a great discount and the association a small incentive. This was good for everyone! A Win – Win deal for everybody!

We now do millions in freight volume and have almost a thousand members getting better freight discounts and saving on their shipping costs everyday!

Here’s What Others Are
Saying About Associated Shippers

October 6, 2006

We, here at Trinity Tables, Inc are affiliated with Associated Shippers, and are very pleased to be a part of their organization. They have been a great help for our small business. We get tremendous discounts on our shipping and home delivery. Their Customer Service is wonderful. This is one of the best moves our small business has ever made. They have saved us thousands of dollars a year. We are looking forward to many more years of service.

Trinity Tables, Inc

Here Are Just A Few Of The
Benefits From Joining Associated Shippers

Let’s take a look at some the benefits that you will find in joining Associated Shippers that will help you get better shipping rates.

Instantly get a 86% to 88% discount on U.S. and Canada shipments, not including the discounts you get on accessorial charges!
How a rarely used freight rates shipping strategy can lead you to now get 86% to 88% discounts to any destination shipments within the U.S!
Discounts on all Inbound, Outbound or Third-Party Shipments!
The fastest way to get the single shipment fee waived! This is normally $27.00!
A simple freight shipping idea that you can start using tomorrow to get a Liftgate Service for $50! This is normally $125.
What to do about the ability to ship freight from one part of the country to other part of the country and how you can get National Coverage that allows you to ship your products from coast to coast!
No Middleman, No Broker!
What to do about high shipping by freight costs and how you can join Associated Shippers without having to pay any membership fees or any annual fees or dues. This is a savings between $200-$600!!
The fastest way to get Tradeshow Discounts. Delivery to a Tradeshow is just $40!
Get instantly a discount on liftgate services. (This is a service for the really heavy stuff)
Take advantage of the combined amount of member freight to get better freight costs!
How to save 86% to 88% on your freight plus discounted accessorials like liftgates and residential deliveries!
Why you should never worry about high freight shipping costs and what you can do to get discounts that are usually not available to smaller shippers!
Discounts on Guaranteed Shipments!

So What’s It Going To Cost Me?

Let me tell you right up front that it is less – a lot less – than you might expect.

You’ve already seen that the value you get with Associated Shippers is a whopping value of over $1,000 all by itself. My business associates suggested that I charge $150 annually for joining Associated Shippers. I could easily get that, perhaps even more. It’s worth every penny.

Fortunately, for you I won’t charge you anywhere near $150. To be honest I won’t charge you anywhere near $100, or $50, or even $10.

Joining Associated Shippers is FREE!

Joining Associated Shippers will cost $0, (nothing – nada) which is a far cry from what it is worth.

How do we do this? You see, the association receives a small incentive from the carrier allowing us not to charge annual membership dues or marking up the rates. And we pass that savings on to you.

Actually, when you really think about it, Associated Shippers is a real bargain because…

You’ll May Actually Lose Money
If You Don’t Join Associated Shippers

Let me repeat: “You’ll may actually be losing money if you don’t join Associated Shippers today!”

Here’s what you’ll lose if you don’t join Associated Shippers today!

Instant 86% discount freight shipping on actual class for U.S. and Canadian shipments!
Discounts on accessorials fees.
Actual Class on all other classes for Inbound, Outbound or Third-Party Shipments!
Discounts that are usually not available to smaller shippers
Better shipping discounts because of the combined volume of all the member’s freight
Single shipment fee waived! This is normally $27.00!
Residential Deliver Fee Discounts! This is normally $125!
National Coverage that allows you to ship your products from coast to coast!
No Middleman, No Broker!
Discounts on Guaranteed Shipments!
$50 for Liftgate Services saving you $75!
Online quoting and tracking
Expert advice on freight services by Associated Shippers!

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Where freight will normally be picked up!
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There is not a high "hack" threat here, you can use something simple that you can remember like your zip code, city or "shipping". We do keep these on file in case you forget it.
Carriers require ASC to have your permission to set up an account for you with them so "I understand that in filling out this field, I am signing and agreeing to ASC's Signup Agreement". Note: you are in no way required to use carrier's account and you can remove yourself from the association at your request. See ASC's signup Agreement!

Joining the association program is simple. All you have to do is fill out our quick sign up form. By doing so, you give us permission to set up an account for you with the association’s carrier(s). It takes the carrier a couple of days for enrollment. Credit terms are based on credit approval.

Carrier has an online rating and tracing web site so you can quote your customers in real time. The carrier bills you directly, no middle man, but under our National Account Pricing Program.

The next move is up to you. I’ve shown you that Associated Shippers is as risk-free as an offer can come. You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in learning how to save 86% on your shipping costs and get cheap freight shipping rates that are usually not available to the smaller shippers.

 All you have left to do now is to take action.


Rob Cookson

 P.S. Just remember, it’s not how much it costs to join Associated Shippers because joining is FREE – it’s how money you’ll be throwing away if you don’t join Associated Shippers!!

 P.P.S. Call 620-374-2353 if you have any questions before you complete the membership form – we’ll be glad to help you!